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Moment Surf Company was created from our love of surfing and spending time in the ocean. Finding perfection in life is hard, but you can experience a perfect moment that you remember for ...


Faces of Moment


A look behind the curtain at the people and faces that make Moment possible. Whether it's the staff in the shop and online, the team riders, or the artists, they all have a integral part in making us ...


Rentals | Lessons | Surf Camp


No surfboard? No wetsuit? No problem! Our friendly staff will set you up with the right gear so you can get to the beach and enjoy the surf. We have a complete selection of kids and adult wetsuits, ...




Welcome to Cold Water Girls - A blog about girls who surf the Pacific Northwest! These are the women that embody the spirit of our region. Come read what they are up to!


Ben & Jeff's Restaurant


There’s nothing like a fresh taco and cold beverage after a long day at the beach! We also offer tasty burritos, fish tacos, fish and chips, grilled hamburgers and vegetarian friendly dishes. We ...


Pacific City Skatepark


Regular updates of the progress of the Pacific City Skatepark. Come check out what's happening!


Coldwater | Culture


Surf Like A Girl

By Fran Embick Surfing is a unique sport where you have to trust the ocean, trust yourself, dig deep, and then let go. When daily life is so filled with choices and indecision, surfing is an excellent ...


A Moment of Rediscovery

By Jeff Mollencop There is a wave in the southwest corner of the Pacific Ocean that is trying to remain undiscovered. Although it sits at the tip of an inhabited island chain, completely exposed to ...

Pat and Gerry


Our Friend Pat and the Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge

Cancer sucks! I have been very fortunate to never fully experience what this statement encompasses. It wasn’t until several weeks ago when a good friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor that these ...


Moment of Madness Video Recap

Special thanks to Jarett Juarez for putting this video together, and to all our sponsors for helping us put this event on!


Moment of Madness Recap

Images by Jarett Juarez and Jason Garding. This spring's Moment of Madness started off Sunday morning, with the first heat hitting the water at 8 AM. There was a little leftover bump from the previous ...


Shaping the NW

The surf industry in Oregon is a unique thing. I had a lot of time to think about it, driving two hours away from the ocean and my home, to a major industry event (Oregon standards mind you) in Portland. ...


Moment of Madness Heat Schedule

We are excited to announce the heat schedule for this spring's Moment of Madness contest! This is a rough idea of what Sundays' heats will look like, however they are subject to change before the event ...


Moment of Madness Spring Shortboard Contest Is A GO!

We are pleased to announce that we will be running the Spring 2015 Moment of Madness contest this coming Sunday, April 19th. We have a limited number of spots available, so please give us a ring at the ...


Cold Water Girls - A blog about girls who surf the Pacific Northwest

Cold Water Girls was created to give an underappreciated and often overlooked population of Oregon surfers a voice and creative outlet. Surfing the harsh elements of the northwest is hard enough for hardy ...


Moment Surf launches Ecommerce store!

Moment Online Store is Now Open! We are excited to announce that you can now shop Moment Surf Company online! We have worked hard for the past year to put together a shopping experience that is a reflection ...


2015 O'neill Pyrotech Wetsuit Overview

It's that time of year when new products start to get delivered to the store and we get excited about all the new gear for the upcoming season. Right now we just opened up a box of one of our favorite ...


Fin Anatomy - Why we need better fins

There is science behind the madness of fin selection.  Like all tools, fins have evolved over time - refined into very specific work and function. This article is intended to make selecting the right ...


A Moment in France

By Jeff Mollencop The best beach breaks in the world and epicenter of surfing in Europe, ya babe, let’s go to France! That’s pretty much how the conversation went. My girlfriend’s mom ...


Surf Travel Tips

Surf Travel Tips (Part 1) By Mattie Starr I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot in the past 8 or so years of my life, and have picked up some useful knowledge along the way that I wish I’d ...

JS Industries


The Soul of Surfing is Alive and Well in Southern California

“Selling out, profit over substance, mass marketing, crowded line-ups, number of instagram followers” that is just a few of the terms I heard as I prepared myself for my inaugural trip to the ...


A Moment on the East Cape

How does the old saying go “you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family”? With surfing, you can’t always pick the people you share a line-up with, but you can ...


First Annual Moment of Madness Shortboard Contest

The First Annual Moment of Madness Shortboard Contest went off yesterday with great weather and fun surf! The boys were ripping and everybody had a good time. It was our first attempt at running a ...


Build a Skatepark to Surf Better!

Words and photos by Keith Novosel   We're all getting pretty excited that the reality of the Pacific City Skatepark being built is getting closer.   In addition to being great for the community ...


Video Series - Bing Surfboards

We just received our spring order of boards from Bing Surfboards! We are very stoked to be working with Matt, Margaret and the rest of the crew there. If you are not familiar with the brand, here ...

Traditional Al Pastor


Why the Pineapple?

May is a good month for me. It marks the beginning of another season at the surf shop, the weather and waves are starting to improve, and my birthday is on the 13th. To celebrate, my girlfriend bought ...

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